Time is the most critical factor in a competition task or in a XC record flight.
Pushing hard the speed bar is not enough to fly fast. An efficient climb saves time and can put you in the pole position for the final glide.

The Fire 2 design is optimized for fast flying and incorporates some advanced innovations:
- Front Intermediate Ribs supported by arches connected to A-lines:
Leading Edge deformation at speed is minimized and cell billow in top suction side is reduced to keep the wing profile characteristics
- Aft Dacron Tapes supported by semi-ribs:
Sharp Trailing Edge for clean airflow exit
- 3D cells shape and risers/lines set are predefined for accelerated flight:
Fluent change of wing profile camber and twist from increased stability at speed to reduced sink rate in thermals.

These innovations with the new arch/plan form, 3 line system and airfoils of different thicknesses give an excellent glide performance and stability both at trim and on accelerated flight. The reinforced flap system in the centre of wing combined with the bunching system at tips gives precise handling with outstanding climbing performance. Double steering lines are attached directly to the brake handles swivel for a precise control in turn.

The Fire 2 is an Open Class Competition wing aimed at the most experienced competitors and record chasers.


Technical parameters

Color design


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