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The competition XC-Bulgaria was held in Bulgaria in the period 01.08.2010-31.08.2010. Unique is that each pilot chooses time and place where to fly and he publish the tracklog himself in the SkyNomad-Leonardo. Classification is done by the top five flights of each pilot according Leonardo algorithms.
Congratulations to the
Element test pilot (Techo), who won awards in all disciplines, except the "Best Woman" :)

Owerall with the best five tasks: Stefan Ivanov (Element FIRE2) - 1012,9 points.

Longest distance: Stefan Ivanov -200 km.
Longest FAi triangle: Stefan Ivanov - 89.4 km.
Longest out and return: Stefan Ivanov - 75.8 km.
Best woman overall: Valeria Savova (Element AIR) - 74,6 points


Photos: #

new element water2

new element air4

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