Fire tends to go upwards, and can raise things into the clouds and beyond. The sun and the stars are fire - high in the sky! Fire cannot truly be confined, although it can be controlled. Even so, it eventually escapes into the sky. Not surprisingly, fire is associated with spirit, high ideals.
Fire ideas can be very distant from the ideas of this Earth. While fire consumes, it also creates new life (forest fires remove the old and enable the new - some plants even wait for the fire to release their seeds!).
Of all the elements, fire captures our attention the most. Archetypal fire goes high above the earth, is consuming, clinging and captivating and creates the new and removes the old.

Fire is raw energy.


While air is light, it pervades everything on earth. For a long way into the sky and even in deep caves there is air. Air rises, but not as much as fire. Like fire, air is difficult to control or to capture. It is (nearly) always free. Yet it links everything to everything else.
Air is associated with words and language. Language and words are essentially verbal, and speech requires air. It has a serial quality. You can blow air from one position to another.
Language requires that words are uttered in a particular sequence, and the basis of logic is within language. (You cannot prove logic!) For most of human history, the air was the motive force of transport (sailing ships) and a major source of power (windmills).

Archetypal air is associated with language, logic, communication and transport. It loves freedom, and if captured, it will escape at the first opportunity. (If you capture it in a balloon, it will seep out or explode out whenever it can). Air is also associated with the interrelationships (links) between people and things.


Water, like earth, is heavy, and falls to the earth. It is less easily constrained than earth, but more easily than fire or air. Yet water can rise up into the air (although it often falls again as rain.) Unlike fire and air, it forms a flat surface, therefore, like earth, it has some form. It is therefore less limited than the earth, but more limited than fire and air.
While fire cannot be contained, it disappears if you totally enclose it, and air expands to fill any container, water is more limited and keeps it volume, and has a level. While fire cannot destroy the earth, water can. It is the universal solvent that has the potential to make everyone one, without destroying that which it unites.
Water can rise high with the help of air, but generally doesn't move upwards. Water is extremely powerful, and will always find its own level. If artificially constrained at a high level, it will eventually break free, but then it will fall. Water is impressionable and reflective. It can go deep. Archetypal water refers to the feelings and the emotions. It refers to the unconscious mind.


The earth element represents matter. Everything in the universe is made of matter. You can touch what exists and often see or hear it. Earth is real and objective because it is perceivable by the five senses. Everything that exists in the universe is either earth or water. For anything to manifest, it must contain the elements earth or water.

Of all the elements, the earth element is the most easy to confine and capture, to hold in the hand. It is rigid, fixed and stable. Anything that is attainable is "down to earth" and not "airy fairy", or "high in the sky". Archetypal earth is real, heavy, and the basis of all achievement. It is the foundation of all that is. Like the real earth, it is fixed, stable, organised and predictable. It is limited and disciplined.

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