Element Water 2 is a modern paraglider, optimized for thermal soaring and Cross Country flights. The wing offers outstanding security and high performance, combined with precise and agile handling.

The latest technical innovations are incorporated in the design. The canopy has elliptical plan form with high arc and pitch stabile airfoil. The leading edge is supported with plastic battens for reduced weight and increased stability at small angles of incidence. 3D-shaping of leading edge and aft panels provide clean, crease free surface. Mini-ribs are added at trailing edge for clean airflow exit and together with the balanced sail tension, guarantees a high form stability.

The Water 2 is a three liner with only 2 main lines per riser. The massive line length reduction improves vastly the glide ratio and minimum sink. The brake lines layout is designed for fast and flat turning, with proportional brake pressure and direct handling. This enables an efficient and easy climbing in turbulent thermals and reduces the load in long XC days.

The canopy of Water 2 is made from the proven fabrics Skytex Rip-stop 9017 E77A, E25A and E29A from Porcher Marine, France to keep the shape and performance for years. The lines are from strong and stretch resistant Polyester HMA Aramid/Kevlar from Edelrid, Germany.

Water 2 is a proper glider for pilots flying above 50 hours per year in thermal conditions and for experienced pilot who looks for performing glider with high safety margin. The flight tests place Water 2 in the upper segment of EN B class.

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