Element AIR 4 is a high performance paraglider optimized for fast and long distance flying. The wing offers increased stability combined with precise handling and efficient speed system.

AIR 4 is a three liner with reduced parasitic drag by using thin short top lines. Increased number of attachment points provides better loads distribution and faster re-inflation after collapse. Moderate aspect ratio of 6.3 and high arc of canopy improves the passive safety and handling in rough air.

Only the proven in practice technical innovations are incorporated in the design. The pitch neutral airfoil and lightly recessed cell openings maintain the internal pressure constant in wide range of AoA. The A-tabs are placed further back and together with internal reinforcements from flexible battens keep the leading edge solid and stable in turbulence, even in accelerated flight. 3D-shaping of front and aft panels with short C-wires provide clean and crease free upper surface. Mini-ribs are added at trailing edge for clean airflow exit. Sail tension has been carefully tuned up for 50% applied speed bar – the common flight mode between thermals.

AIR 4 can be turned flat or rolled abruptly, using brakes and weight shift, to extract every bit of lift. In close proximity of thermal the wing has a pronounced tendency to turn into it‘s center. Ball-bearing pulleys make the speed bar light and the speed range is fully usable. Pitch control and steering using C-risers is very efficient during accelerated transitions in active air.

The canopy is made from durable Skytex fabrics produced from Porcher Marine, France to keep the wing shape and performance for years. The lines are made from stretch resistant and UV protected Polyester HMA Kevlar produced from Edelrid, Germany.

Safety flight tests place AIR 4 in the middle of the EN C class.

AIR 4 is intended for experienced pilots flying above 75 hours per year in strong thermal conditions.

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