Element AIR 3 is a high performance paraglider with precise handling, optimized for long Cross Country flights.

The AIR 3 is a true three liner with 30% line drag reduction and moderate aspect ratio of 6.2, providing a massive improvement in glide ratio and minimum sink.

The latest technical innovations are incorporated in the design. The canopy has elliptical plan form with high arc and pitch stabile airfoil inspired by record breaker competition wing FIRE 3. The A-tabs are placed further back from the leading edge and together with internal reinforcements from Nylon wires have created a solid and stable feel in turbulence, even in accelerated flight. 3D-shaping of panels and mini-ribs at trailing edge provide clean, crease free surface. Sail tension has been carefully balanced for the best combination of performance, handling and agility.

AIR 3 can be either turned flat or rolled abruptly, using brake and weight shift combinations, as appropriate, to the type of thermal engaged. When thermal bumps are encountered, or when flying against the wind, every movement of air is transferred reliably into height. The speed range is fully usable in real conditions. Ball-bearing pulleys make the speed bar light and facilitate pitch control via the bar in active air.

The wing canopy is made from the proven fabrics Skytex Rip-stop produced from Porcher Marine, France to keep the shape and performance for years. The main lines are covered to withstand the exposure to wear in this area. The uncovered upper galleries reduce aerodynamic drag, and therefore contribute to more performance. The lines are made from strong and stretch resistant Polyester HMA Aramid/Kevlar produced from Edelrid, Germany.

The flight tests place Air 3 in the upper segment of the EN C class. Wing agility, high performance and stability in accelerated flight make it the perfect machine for serious XC flying, in real conditions.

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