Flying high and far is easy and enjoyable with Element AIR. The difficulties come with the retrieval after 100 + km XC at the end of the day! Much better is to land at take-off after hours of flying on circuit route. Correct assessment of the conditions and opportunities is more important than miles.

AIR 2 offers many new solutions to improve each stage of flight:

  • Changed cell openings to facilitate the take-off and recovery after collapse.
  • A new profile with increased pitch stability.
  • Tips are shifted back to keep the straight flight.
  • Increased AR upto 5.92 for efficient glide.
  • High Arch and balanced sail tension make the wing coherent.

As a result of these changes, upwind average speed increases (also the size of FAI triangle ;)

Control lines work as brakes only at tips and act as flaps in the middle of the wing. The result is a flat turn with small radius and minimal sink. Modified risers with trimmers, lengthened speed system and unsheathed lines are available for ambitious pilots.

The flight tests place AIR 2 in the upper segment of the sport class (EN C, LTF 2).

Element AIR 2 is the right wing for experienced XC pilots and new competitors.

Technical parameters

Color design


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