Link the Horizons

Every climb to cloud base opens a new horizon to be reached… and again… until the day is over.

The AIR has all you need for long XC flights:
- Precise handling for easy climbs
- Efficient glide in active air for transitions
- Stability at speed to escape the sink

The wing’s plan form, aspect ratio and sail tension have been optimized for efficient flat turns in smooth lift and tight spirals in strong turbulent thermals. The high lift wing profile works efficiently in wide range of angle of attack.

The paraglider is offered in two modifications:
- 62 cells and AR=5.63 for comfort ride
- 63 cells and AR=5.72 for sensitive handling

Independent flight tests placed AIR in the middle of DHV 2 (AFNOR Intermediate or CEN C) class. Certification in project.

The AIR is aimed at regular XC pilots and new competitors.

Technical parameters

Color design


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