Element X-FIRE is created for experienced XC/competition pilots who pursuit distance records and the winner‘s podium. Maximum performance with an accessibility, comfort and safety of ‘classic’ EN D wing.

X-FIRE is equipped with the latest technological innovations found with today's gliders. The pitch neutral airfoil with pronounced shark-nose maintain the internal pressure constant in wide range of AoA. The internal structure reinforced with plastic wires and intermediate rigid-foils keep the leading edge solid and stable in turbulence during accelerated flight. Double 3D-shaping of front panels provide sleek upper surface. Mini-ribs are added at trailing edge for clean airflow exit and drag reduction. Sail tension has been carefully calculated for tight, compact and controllable feel of wing.

X-FIRE has 2-line suspension system which allows for effective pitch control through the B risers. This further improves glide performance in turbulent conditions, converting air flows energy into height. Through the brakes the wing is extremely precise and responsive to inputs which makes it easy to turn tightly and efficiently, even in the smallest turbulent cores. This coordinated feel, combined with the moderate aspect ratio translates to superb climbing characteristics and high levels of efficiency.

The canopy is made from durable Skytex fabrics (40, 38 and 32 g/m2), produced from Porcher Marine, France to keep the wing shape and performance for years. The lines are made from stretch resistant and UV protected HMA Kevlar (series 8000U), produced from Edelrid, Germany.

Safety flight tests place X-FIRE in the middle of the EN D class. It is however a high performance paraglider that needs to be flown with the full attention and respect that any such wing deserves.

X-FIRE is suitable for experienced and competent XC pilots who spend more than 100 hours per year in strong thermal conditions.

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