Free the Energy

Every competition or record flight requires loads of energy to be utilized – both mental and physical. Also you need the best weapon to win.

The FIRE is an Open Class Competition wing with exceptional performance:
- High climb rate
- Minimal sink in tight turn
- Best glide at fast trim speed
- Flat polar when accelerated
- Increased stability at maximal speed

The wing elliptical plan form combined with high aspect ratio minimize the induced drag, while the 3D cell orientation and optimized line set reduce parasitic drag. A single D-line is used to control the wing profile geometry in different regimes – slow or accelerated flight. The hi-arch design increases the sail tension and canopy stability in turbulence. Cell openings size and position keep the internal pressure very high in wide range of angle of attack. A special attention was given to brakes configuration. The central span is acting as flaps while tips are used for air brakes. The result is very efficient hook turn with minimal slip and sink.

The FIRE is aimed at the most experienced competitors and record chasers.

Technical parameters

Color design


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